‚ÄčNicko Christiansen was born in 1950 in the Hague at the seaside of West Holland. He started to accompany himself on the guitar, mainly songs of Little Richard, Chuck Berry and Bill Haley when he was eleven. In 1965 he met his musicpartner and friend John Lagrand the harmonicaplayer and they formed the bluesduo Indiscrimination. Afterwards, singer songwriter Leo Unger introduced them to the jazz and blues scene of Holland and a year later (1966) they made their first single record, accompanied by the most famous band of the Hague then, the Q65. Then John and Nicko created the Band Livin Blues, together with Ted Oberg, also with Cesar Zuiderwijk (Earring), Henk Smitskamp (Shocking Blue, The Motions), followed by Ruud van Buuren (Group 1850, Long Tall Ernie) and Johnny Lejeune. Three hitrecords and 5 albums were released with the help of producer Jaap Eggermont (1970) followed by tours through Germany, England, Switserland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy until 1975, when the band split up. Highlights were the Dutch tour with Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, the Jazz and Rock festival in Palermo, with names like Ella Fitzgerald, Collosseum and Deep Purple. When this band split up in 1975, it was directly succeeded by a second Livin'Blues where Nicko was a singer saxplayer in all combinations of the band. Later highlights were the Music and Harmony event in the Ahoy where they jammed with Steve Lukathor (Toto) and Ad Van Den Berg. And after the millenium change the band toured from Moscow to Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic & Slovakia (2007) to Luxembourg, Spain and the Jakarta Bluesfestival in Indonesia with the help of manager Ruud Jansen. Nicko says: "This is really the best combination of LBX ever. It steams and rocks, and is really alive. This band also goes deep into the spirit of feelmusic. These guys have great instrumental skills combined with feel. Also the atmosphere is so much better than before. To become friends is maybe the biggest talent. And the future is still young".